UTMB Jennie Sealy Replacement Hospital

Galveston, Texas

The new Jennie Sealy Hospital opened in April 2016 and was built on the site of the former Jennie Sealy and old Shriner’s buildings in Galveston. The $438 million facility features 13 floors and 310 patient rooms, including 60 dedicated ICU beds, a 28-bed day surgery unit and 20 state-of-the-art operating suites. The new facility provides space and flexibility to accommodate the latest technology and procedures and supports the University of Texas Medical Branch education and research mission.

DSI rose to meet logistical and regulatory challenges in this project, including:

  • The hospital was constructed on a confined site in the middle of an operational medical facility with off-site laydown seven miles from hospital.
  • The site was required to comply with Miami-Dade Wind/Storm criteria.
DSI RolesMechanical Contractor
Plumbing Contractor
Self-Performed WorkHVAC Piping
HVAC Sheet metal
Medical Gas
Project size760,000 sq. ft.; 13 floors
Total Volume$438 million