GlobalFoundries Fishkill Fab 10 Upgrade

Hopewell Junction, New York

GlobalFoundries Fab 10 is a semiconductor manufacturing plant, and as such, is a vital part of the global electronics economy. This project consisted largely of infrastructure upgrades and expanding production volume capabilities and quality. Our contract’s main scope was to install new process ductwork mains and connections for new microelectronic tools and refurbishing existing mechanical systems.

This project called for the installation of a large amount of large diameter chemical resistant-coated stainless steel ductwork with a low margin of error in part-to-part dimensions, and multi-month lead times. There were also numerous tie ins to active acid/base exhaust systems requiring the use of full supplied air respirators and chemical resistant suits. However, DSI successfully overcame all challenges.

DSI RolesDry Mechanical & Process Contractor
Self-Performed WorkProcess Exhaust (Acid/Base/Solvent)
Supply Air
Makeup Air
General Exhaust Coordination & Installation
Project Size$4.8 million (mechanical volume)
Total VolumeUnknown