Genzyme Cell Culture Expansion

Framingham, Massachusetts

Genzyme is an American biotech company headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For the company, which manufactures 11 major drugs, DSI worked on a 59,000-square-foot expansion of a Cell Culture facility, that produces Fabrazyme, a treatment for Fabry disease, in Framingham, Mass.

To maximize production, reduce costs and lower the on-site manpower requirements, DSI prefabricated all the hygienic piping and staged the fabrication in a nearby warehouse facility. DSI provided all process and hygienic piping, process equipment and vessel installation, plus QA/QC services.

DSI RolesProcess & Hygienic Contractor
Self-Performed WorkProcess & Hygienic Piping
Process Equipment & Vessel Installation
Project size59,000 sq. ft.
3 Floors
Total VolumeUnknown (Mechanical: $13.5 million)