Cricket Valley Energy Power House Plant

Dover, New York

Expected to begin construction in Fall 2017, Cricket Valley Energy’s new facility will use a highly  efficient, environmentally-responsible  process  to convert  clean-burning American natural gas into electricity. The plant will provide power for nearly one million homes, and bring significant economic benefits for the community.

The facility is an approximately 1,100 megawatt (MW), natural gas-fired power plant proposed for an industrially-zoned site. The 193-acre property has existing energy infrastructure, including electric power lines and a natural gas pipeline, as well as a substantial tree buffer that will minimize visual and sound impacts. The location provides an important opportunity for economic revitalization, creating jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Dover. These factors combine to make it a smart site for Cricket Valley Energy’s clean-burning natural gas power plant. Cricket Valley Energy is an affiliate of Advanced Power Services (NA), a leading energy development company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

DSI RolesUnderground Plumbing Site
Self-Performed WorkUnderground Plumbing
Project size470,000 sq. ft.
Total Volume$5 million