Safety First

At DSI, our goal for employee safety is clear and simple – aim for zero accidents everyday. We work toward this goal by ensuring an environment where safety is a top priority for all employees.  “Safety First” is an integral part of our company philosophy, and our team provides the leadership and training to make certain safety is a crucial element embraced by all employees.

Behavioral-Based Safety

Our behavioral-based safety program works by positively motivating safe actions and decisions by employees at all levels. This allows workers to take ownership and directly affect minimizing and preventing workplace accidents and incidents.

History has taught us over the years that not only are unsafe acts the cause of almost all workplace accidents or incidents but, that for every accident that occurs, there are many more unsafe behaviors that are not recorded (Frank E. Bird Accident Pyramid). We firmly believe that the use of behavioral psychology is the best strategy to promote safety in the workplace.

Specifically, the behavior-based approach to achieving safety improvements is a process of involving workers in defining the ways they are most likely to be injured, seeking their input, and asking them to observe co-workers to determine progress in the reduction of risk behaviors. Work hazard analysis and pre-task plans are just two of the strategies we use to achieve our safety goals.