Preconstruction Services

A “No-Surprises” Approach

DSI delivers innovative, reliable preconstruction information and solutions. Our preconstruction team has exceptional expertise and experience in conceptual budgeting, scope development/management, design assistance and estimating.

With advanced technology and superior customer service, our approach is to bring customers a comprehensive, cost-sensitive estimate. We recognize the importance of working collectively with the construction team and the value of understanding and developing a complete scope that meets our clients’ needs. Our commitment and focus is to cover every base to ensure there are “no surprises.”


Based in Austin at our corporate office, DSI’s core estimating services team has decades of combined experience working on mechanical piping, HVAC ductwork, plumbing and process systems. The team has significant field experience and includes master plumbers and certified plumbing designers. Each branch office has additional preconstruction and estimating capabilities, which supplements the entire team.

Digital estimating software is used for the quantity survey of all piping, plumbing and ductwork systems, and is tailored to fit the extensive range of our estimates. Our system includes features that give us the ability to dissect and analyze an estimate’s various components by system and area. This allows us to conduct a value analysis through comparisons between budgets and estimates from similar projects and the use of alternate materials and methods. Each and every system is evaluated for critical pathways, cost and schedule.