Fab Facilities Provide Multiple Benefits

DSI prioritizes maximizing off-site fabrication, actively seeking opportunities to shift manhours from the field to our regional fabrication facilities. Why? Off-site fabrication guarantees:

  • More cost-effective resources
  • Safer, controlled work environment
  • Reduced on-site labor
  • Reduced waste on-site/improved site cleanliness – LEED credits
  • Better material and equipment control to prevent losses
  • Minimized lay-down requirements – just-in-time deliveries
  • Higher labor productivity
  • Improved quality control
  • Schedule control

High-quality fully coordinated 3D virtual designs are meticulously crafted for every project we undertake. Our advanced virtual design software enables us to digitally generate pipe spool fabrication drawings and sheet metal duct/fitting cut tickets for fabricating the following project components:

  • HVAC pipe spools and assemblies
  • HVAC rectangular and spiral sheet metal duct
  • Sanitary plumbing pipe and assemblies
  • High purity and industrial grade process pipe and assemblies
  • Pipe and duct structural supports
  • MEP and process skids and modules

Over the years, we have made significant investments in the development and expansion of our fabrication operations. Presently, we boast an impressive portfolio comprising more than 220,000 square feet of fabrication facilities dedicated to piping, plumbing, clean room, and sheet metal fabrication.

Strategically situated throughout the United States, our fabrication facilities are strategically located to support our operations effectively. This widespread presence allows us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients across various regions, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of fabricated components.

By continually investing in and expanding our fabrication capabilities, we reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative solutions and superior quality products to our clients, while also enhancing our capacity to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry.