Design Assist

Bringing Value to the Design Process

When design challenges occur, DSI can help. We have actively participated in many design assist projects with great success, and from this experience, we have developed detailed solutions for recurring issues. Our capabilities include:

  • Assisting in the development of the initial M&P design criteria
  • Specification development
  • Sizing of ductwork and piping systems
  • Expediting construction drawings
  • Providing continuous cost feedback throughout the entire design and construction process

Our team of design assist professionals brings industry depth and knowledge to help lead the project through critical decision processes. Working with all design disciplines, the project’s definition, cost elements and key challenges are defined.

Integrating Preconstruction Services

Because of our emphasis on preconstruction services, we’re uniquely qualified in the design assist project approach. Our team’s early integration with the design process assures timely input on key decisions. We provide optimal delivery of the design elements by developing the detail documents in a fast-track method. We begin the detail design from flow diagrams and P & IDs. As engineering progresses, we bring refined elements into the detailed design.

GMP Development

We know the importance of establishing definitive cost estimates that reflect a complete project scope. The initial estimate is a tool to help us define the overall project resources needed and to help with our early construction planning. The GMP is developed in these document deliverables:

  • 100% Programming – Initial budget
  • 50%  Design Development Documents – Initial GMP
  • 50%  Construction Documents – Final GMP