Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI), a prominent nationwide turnkey mechanical and process construction company, is dedicated to maintaining its position as an industry frontrunner. Our commitment is evident in the preconstruction and construction services we provide, emphasizing superior design, efficiency, and value across a diverse range of industries and systems. With a track record encompassing over 4,000 completed projects, we consistently deliver exceptional user experiences and optimize bottom-line performance.

Create office buildings with purified air. Design airport terminals with minimized noise and emissions. Ensure hospitals prioritize optimal patient comfort. Establish laboratories as the safest environments for technicians. Develop central utility plants with dual-purpose cooling and heating systems to save energy and costs. This represents a superior approach to construction.

Specializing in Diverse Markets and Systems

For more than three decades, DSI has been at the forefront of establishing health-conscious and energy-efficient environments within the Commercial & Specialty markets, encompassing:

  • Airport terminals
  • Corporate offices/campuses
  • University/college campuses
  • Correctional facilities
  • Solar manufacturing

Facing challenges such as elevated occupant densities, close proximity to food services, and environmental noise pollution, our solutions integrate energy-efficient and discreet underfloor air delivery, along with displacement air concepts that significantly enhance the overall environment. Our strategies encompass CO2 monitoring, pressurization control, and ensuring the consistent delivery of crucial outside air to establish healthy environments in every building we construct.

For over three decades, DSI has pioneered the development of forward-looking and efficient environments tailored to the higher education sector. Our projects span university and college academic buildings, professional schools (such as veterinary and medical), libraries, laboratories, and operational facilities.

DSI’s comprehensive services cover HVAC, mechanical systems, sheet metal, plumbing, and equipment start-up, often executed seamlessly without causing disruptions to ongoing classes. Several of these projects have earned a notable LEED-Gold rating.

Overseeing successful healthcare projects is a intricate endeavor that demands experienced managers and teams equipped with a thorough understanding of specialized design and construction principles. DSI provides extensive resources and industry expertise to address a diverse array of healthcare requirements.

Our track record boasts the completion of over $1 billion in healthcare projects, spanning from the construction of new medical centers and research facilities to comprehensive building renovations. These encompass ambulatory and specialty care centers adhering to clean room and BSL standards, as well as blood and chemistry labs and medical office buildings. Our specialization lies in:

  • Medical gas systems
  • Surgical environments
  • Imaging facilities
  • Critical system infrastructure

Our systems are installed by highly skilled technical staff and meticulously commissioned to ensure seamless operation. We take pride in our contributions to the healthcare industry, knowing that the projects we’ve completed will serve patients and their families for years to come.

DSI has been involved in acclaimed hospitality projects, providing tailor-made preconstruction and construction services to our clients. Whether it’s a new flagship hotel, casino, or water park, we are committed to delivering the optimal value for your project, coupled with exceptional quality.

The infrastructure of laboratories heavily relies on extensive mechanical HVAC and plumbing systems, encompassing fume hoods, toxic and hazardous chemicals, cleanrooms, waste neutralization, lab gases, and ultrapure water. The seamless integration of these systems is contingent upon thorough coordination within the BIM model. Leveraging significant 3D design capabilities, we can develop a fully coordinated facility.

Safety considerations are paramount, particularly concerning toxic and flammable chemicals. Our commitment to high-quality installations is underpinned by a deep understanding that the safety of lab technicians is of utmost importance.

Effective ventilation is achieved through large energy-consuming outside and exhaust air systems. We place emphasis on design solutions that involve energy reclamation to mitigate this consumption. Additionally, ventilation rates can be optimized through the monitoring of airborne contaminants. Collaborating with contaminant monitoring systems that interface with HVAC controls can further contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities demand a high level of complexity and precision. Our team brings extensive expertise to the fabrication and installation of hygienic piping systems and process equipment specifically designed for FDA-regulated facilities. Furthermore, we ensure accurate QA/QC documentation for project turnover packages, guaranteeing full compliance with your IQ and OQ protocols.

In order to address the stringent standards of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, we adopt a collaborative team approach. This involves engaging professionals from each discipline at every stage of the project. Through this approach, we effectively manage the entire project scope, from preconstruction planning and design to restoration and turnover.

The microelectronic industry constitutes a substantial segment of our diverse construction expertise. A significant portion of our history revolves around the construction of these precision-demanding facilities. DSI has demonstrated remarkable success in handling projects within this sector, characterized by the need for on-time delivery at a relentless pace and an exceptional level of quality.

Commonly installed systems in microelectronic facilities include:


  • Toxic gas delivery
  • Scrubbed acid exhaust
  • Ultrapure DI water
  • Cleanroom HVAC
  • Acid neutralization facilities
  • Process cooling water
  • Solvent waste systems
  • Bulk gas delivery
  • Bulk chemical delivery
  • Cryogenic gas delivery

The primary focus of Mission Critical Facilities design and construction is the safeguarding and continuity of clients’ essential intellectual property and operations. DSI’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures the functionality needed for uninterrupted 24/7 operation. In this context, high quality and timely construction are not just goals but essential requirements.

The consistently high-cooling loads in these facilities provide opportunities for energy-saving measures, which we skillfully leverage to your advantage. Employing large thermal storage tanks enables chilled water production during off-peak hours, resulting in lower energy costs and increased efficiency in power plant operations.

Chiller optimization control solutions play a crucial role in determining the best operating conditions after assessing various operational variables. A comprehensive understanding of these variables during commissioning contributes to the optimal tuning of chiller plants for enhanced efficiency.