3D Modeling

3D Makes a Difference

We began using virtual construction (3D models) in 1993, while implementing complex piping and process exhaust systems for the semiconductor industry. Since then, we have expanded the use of virtual construction to projects across all of the construction markets we serve. There are multiple benefits from using these high resolution, advanced visualization displays.

Providing detailed fabrication drawings before construction begins moves much of the preliminary work to a controlled environment, maximizing accuracy and quality while optimizing delivery schedules for improved field efficiencies, reducing RFI’s and system collisions. Combined, these measures provide clients the greatest value possible for their construction dollar.

Our team includes more than 80 experienced 3D CAD detailers located in each of our 10 regional offices. We have invested in two 20-seat Virtual Design and Coordination Centers. For almost 25 years, 3D Models, Clash Detection and maximization of Offsite Fabrication have been a part of our culture.