Thomas Trask

Project Manager

Team Member Since2002
EducationThe University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science
Mechanical Engineering

Certificate in Business

EIT in pursuit of PE License

Kinder Morgan Emerging
Leadership Institute Trainer
AboutThomas began his career in the construction industry and with DSI in 2002. He has built an impressive portfolio of projects across a wide range of markets, including Commercial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Laboratory, Microelectronics, and Industrial. Throughout his career, Thomas has traveled extensively across the U.S., completing projects in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Thomas is known for his excellent interpersonal skills and his dedication to building strong relationships with his team. He serves as a role model within the company, guiding the next generation of industry leaders. His organizational skills ensure that every project stays on schedule and within budget. Thomas is responsive in times of trouble and always willing to assist others, earning the trust of his team by consistently prioritizing their best interests in his decision-making. Adaptable and quick to solve problems, he thrives in challenging environments that test his skills.

After graduation, Thomas continued to expand his industry knowledge, becoming highly skilled in Process Development, Project Management, and CADD Management. He has also brought valuable insights from the Oil and Gas industry to the team, applying this knowledge to enhance current projects.